About Us

Our approach to your pipeline integrity project | Assessment is the key

Lamontagne Pipeline Assessment Corporation brings to you a plan aimed at revitalizing your Operations maintenance budget. We want you to love budget time.

Be proactive. Reactive management costs too much.

At Lamontagne Pipeline Assessment Corporation we are dedicated to making the most out of your maintenance dollars. In pipeline operations some things are certain. Pigs will run and digs will be dug. Using Assessment Evaluation we help you get the most out of every run and every dig.

Lamontagne Pipeline Assessment Corporation is wholly committed to balancing the needs of your pipe with the needs of your corporation. We are focused and dedicated to your bottom line.

Our goal is keeping life in your pipes.

Safety, efficiency, fiscal responsibility.

What can you expect from us?

  • A partner in solving your pipeline issues who will provide professional reports overseen by a recognized expert in pipeline integrity management and engineering.
  • Report formats tailored to your needs.
  • Competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and responsive support for your project to meet your expectations.

This is who we are.

Marc Lamontagne