Crack Assessment Post Inspection Evaluation

Our crack assessment services include:

  • Assess the efficacy of reported inspection data
  • Advise on defect acceptance or severity
  • Analyse growth by fatigue or environmental factors
  • Prepare evaluation timelines
  • Provide optimal re-inspection intervals

Pipelines are routinely examined with in-line inspection tools for corrosion and cracking. Often this information is not exploited to provide a cost-beneficial integrity management program.

In order to implement or make the transition to planned preventative maintenance, pipeline assets must be characterized in more detail.

  • Electric resistance welding (ERW) weld defects
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking assessment (SCC)
  • Hydrotest parameters and re-test interval
  • Fitness for purpose assessment – based on fracture mechanics in accordance to API 579
  • Evaluation of In-line Inspection (ILI) anomalies

Pipelines have a cost to install, a life-cycle, a cost to maintain, and then – ultimately – a cost to replace. Minimize your costs with accurate, timely assessments from Lamontagne Pipeline Assessment Corporation.

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