Responsible Pipeline Assessment Services for Today … and Tomorrow

Pipeline Assessment Services – Corrosion & Crack Assessment

Integrity Management Plans are not complete without assessment evaluation. Lamontagne Pipeline Assessment Corporation handles all types of evaluations.

  • Evaluate each anomaly
  • Assess anomaly growth
  • Evaluate remaining pipe life
  • Develop excavation plans
  • Schedule re-inspection intervals
  • Conduct Fitness for Purpose

Whether you are hydro testing or pigging, the assessment evaluation is crucial.  We can help with your assessment of pipeline anomalies including corrosion, cracks or mechanical damage (dents and gouges).

UT – ultrasonic pipeline inspection, MFL – magnetic flux leakage , caliper tools, and hydro testing

Pipeline Integrity and Risk Management Consulting

We have expertise in providing you with an independent review of the technical adequacy of your integrity and risk management programs, procedures and documentation.

Pipeline Failure Analysis

Lamontagne Pipeline Assessment Corporation can assist you with pipeline failure analysis and fitness for service investigations backed up by mechanical and metallurgical lab testing.

Lamontagne Pipeline Assessment Corporation is an independent engineering firm specializing in pipeline assessment consulting and evaluations. The company has become an industry leader in pipeline integrity management and pipeline assessment evaluation. Our commitment is to provide you with the most up to date information and technology when you need it in the form that you need – either your own or one that we can provide you with.